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July 4th, 2017

Use the Force [Jul. 4th, 2017|07:12 am]
The Question Club



Which of the two new Star Wars movies are you more anxious to see?
The Last Jedi
The Han Solo movie

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I want you to be nosy [Jul. 4th, 2017|05:30 pm]
The Question Club



I got my left nostril pierced 7 months ago. They put in a corkscrew and I left it in for 3ish months. I've been wearing hoops ever since but twice I have failed to insert other corkscrews (of a smaller gauge too). I've watched several videos with no success. How I do dis?! I have bought three cute corkscrews and can't wear any of them. Apparently I also have some "left" sided ones and some "right" sided but both are equally impossible. Halp.

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