July 3rd, 2017


eat your way to eternal life

A friend who is now over 70 has recently converted to a vegan diet because he's convinced that the author of this book How Not to Die has shown him the true way to super health for the rest of his days. This friend is already in great physical shape and was already eating a pretty healthy diet and working out a lot, but I guess that's not enough?

How many years of life would you have to gain to make converting to this diet worthwhile for you?

As for me, I guess I'm going to just have to die on schedule since I can't digest the FODMAPs he recommends for "health."
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I accidentally clicked on the link on the LJ homepage that said Switch To New Version and now I don't know how to get back to the old version of LJ that I was using.

This sucks, I can no longer see comments and replies I received to comments I've made and I really don't like this new version of the post entry page. :(

I tried googling and searching in LJ help for the answer but everything I found doesn't work or was from a couple years ago and talks about functions that are now no longer available it seems.

Printer question

So I have a printer/scanner, a Canon Pixma MG3220. It used to connect to our wifi, enabling us to print from various devices, including a phone, tablet, and computer. We got a new router not too long ago, now our printer is not connected to wifi at all. It still prints via usb cord, but when the usb cord is not connected it just says the device is "offline".

I've tried the support website, downloaded all the stuff...still no connectivity. Any ideas? I no longer have the disc it came with.

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I bought a FlexAble Hose today. It is light weight, expands in length with water flow and coils up easy after use. No heavy, tangled hose. I love it. What was the last item you bought that made you glad you did?