July 2nd, 2017

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So I found out the other day that my ex boyfriend had an accident and will be in hospital for a little while. I do not want to go visit and I have my reasons, but we still are friendly on social media or when we see each other out and about. So I'd like to send him something. I was hoping to send him something handmade, I paint and I know he's been wanting one of my pieces and I wood burn so maybe a custom deck box with a few packs in it? All I know is that flowers or a stuffed animal from a website are not anything he'd appreciate. Is there a way I can drop something off at the hospital personally and have it sent up? Every time I google this I get flower delivery sites. Have any of you done anything like this?

My Hair Shirt!

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My mom bought me a black knit sweater for Christmas and I love it. Just one problem...it itches like crazy! I don't have any allergies to natural fibres, but it just might be the synthetic fibres :-( I have washed it a couple of times but the itchiness continues. I'm on the verge of thrifting it, but I would like to try and keep it if I can.

Even wearing a t-shirt underneath doesn't help - the sweater feels eternally prickly.

The tag says

47% polyamide
40% viscose
6% alpaca
5% polyester
2% metallic fibre for trim

Any ideas on how to get the prickle out?