June 25th, 2017

Geeky Girls

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We have this neighbor, Skeezy. He has 3 children (2 sons & 1 daughter). Both sons are in jail for drug use, theft, and both are sex offenders.

He's raising the daughter of one of his sons. She is quite precocious for her age but that *could* mean that it's because she's around mostly adults. But I know what else it *could* mean.

That said, he is nearly 60 years old and he has boys at his house ALL the time. They are middle school - high school aged. The only child at home is his 10 year old granddaughter. These boys are not upstanding citizens. One/three of the boys popped my son's basketball on purpose, stole another one from him. So on. Skeezy is heavy into BMX stuff. That's funny since all his high school photos he posts online are band pictures and the like.

Well, because of him - we have these punks in the neighborhood. Today, my son's brand new tablet was stolen (yes, it was HIS fault for keeping it outside) but I am almost certain it was that jerk's "crew" of misfits. It's so bad lately with these punks & it being summer, that we have thought about moving. The neighborhood is relatively nice except for his house. Tons of junk and tons of trash in his yard. Oh, but he has immaculate/brand new vehicles. Any ideas about what we could do about this guy?

Also, Kiddo's bike was stolen last summer. We are almost certain it was in his yard. Why would a grown man have a little boy's red bike in his yard? At this time, we knew little about him but a neighborhood kid said that Skeezy had it. So, my husband just poked in his yard. He came out yelling and threatening my husband to never set foot in his yard or look at his yard again. The only option we really have is to move. But we have poured $, our hearts, and our souls into this house.

Do you guys have any ideas?