June 6th, 2017

Ahh! Babies!

Advice needed

I have a friend of five years who used to be my best friend. In November, she wrote me a bunch of awful texts after I asked her if she had stopped hanging out with me because of the election. She said horrible things that really hurt my feelings. We didn't talk for a month then she called to apologize and tell me that her husband told her not to hang out with me anymore because I voted for Hillary and they voted for Trump. We talked and I thought we were all better. Then in March, she started avoiding me again and I was hurt again. She called me up again to tell me that her husband had been continuing to tell her that she wasn't allowed to hang out with me. We had another heart to heart and she promised me that she would stand up for me to her husband and that she was just scared to do it. She texted me later that he said everything was fine and then she even invited me to an event that she had withheld from me because of him. Now, she is constantly cancelling plans again and seems to be avoiding me again. I'm tired of this behavior and I'm tired of being constantly hurt by her.
On one hand, I want to just never speak to her again and be done with this friendship.

On the other hand, I still really care about her and miss her friendship and I realize that her husband's behavior is abusive and a red flag and I wonder what else is going on. But, I can't change the fact that she says nothing is wrong and their marriage is great and she makes lots of excuses for everything.

Should I continue trying to maintain some sort of friendship or should I tell her goodbye if she can't make her own friendship decisions?

New Laptop

My Toshiba laptop died so I'm looking to replace it. I use it for general stuff like internet some games from places like Big Fish, watching videos online and perhaps movies,basic word processing. Looking for something about 14in to have a decent size but still portable for ocasional travel. Good battery like is also pretty important as I like to work in different areas of the house sometimes. I will say off the bat the top of my budget is about $600. What do you recommend?