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June 5th, 2017

What language is this? [Jun. 5th, 2017|02:34 am]
The Question Club


Header from an email.

ËaTïnG Thïs F0R ßrëaKfàst Savës Y0UR Pröstatë?_(60 sëçönds)

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I wish I could still have that... [Jun. 5th, 2017|12:02 pm]
The Question Club



Eating lunch (or breakfast) and thinking about foods that I can't have anymore due to location or non-existence.  Do you have a food that you crave but can no longer get?  How do you cope with the craving?

Right now I'm wishing for a Schlotzsky's pastrami and Swiss on rye with extra spicy mustard.  That's a location problem, like when I craved chicken andouille gumbo, but only New Orleans' would do.  I am permanently out of luck for my Rogan josh, rasam, and kheema naan from Sarovar.  The building doesn't even exist anymore.  And, even after 20 years, I still get twinges for the breadsticks with garlic butter sauce and chef salads from Pinocchio' s.

Don't want to stir up unsatisfiable cravings?  Will you tell me about your favorite restaurant and meal that you order there?

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