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May 16th, 2017

Someone dumped [May. 16th, 2017|12:38 am]
The Question Club



Actual dirt in our public library toilet.

There's no way it could have been an accident.

Why would someone do that? (Serious and non serious answers welcome)

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Talk me out of something TQC [May. 16th, 2017|03:28 pm]
The Question Club



How do you talk yourself out of something youd like to buy (and have the money for) ...but dont really need?

Google: Watch Gang

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mono a mono [May. 16th, 2017|10:11 pm]
The Question Club


My college-age offspring has mono. Her father is being judgy, just for a change.

Have you had mono? How did you contract it? How long were you ill?
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