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May 12th, 2017

Allowances? [May. 12th, 2017|01:33 pm]
The Question Club


Did your parents give you an allowance as a kid? At what age did you stop getting your allowance?
Did you have to do anything for the allowance, or what were the stipulations of you receiving the allowance? How much was it?

This question brought to you by my boss joking about how her son only ever calls her when he needs money. He called her today and she was saying "Why can't he wait until Saturday? That's when he gets his allownace every week." This shocked the hell out of me (well, it shouldn't. They baby him SO much). Her son is 20, and still gets an allowance. He has a part-time job and goes to community college. And has an allowance. Oy vey.
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I WON THE LOTTERY!!! [May. 12th, 2017|04:21 pm]
The Question Club



OK...just $7 on a $2 ticket. So what do you do with your lottery winnings? Buy more tickets and keep your luck running? Get a burger? Put gas in the tank? Other?

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