May 5th, 2017

Geeky Girls

Discipline or Abuse?

What draws the line for you? I was "whipped/smacked" but never enough to leave much more than a slight sting and always with a hand. It happened so rarely that it really resonated when it did happen. My mother, however, was raised in a much different household (1950s on) where belts and such were used.

My husband was raised in a much more stable family but he recalls being hit with spoons, getting his face smacked, so on. With him, it was a very rare occurrence. With both of us, we were very well behaved children who rarely needed much reprimanding.

*Edited to add:

Neither one of us look back on the discipline as being abused. Even though I had a formally diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder mother, I do not believe I was ever physically abused. In other ways? Yes. Physically, no.