April 25th, 2017

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Have you seen the movie The Room?
(the one starring, written, directed and produced by Tommy Wiseau, not the one about the lady raising a kid in one room)

did you like it? what are your thoughts?

I am going to send Tommy Wiseau a fan cd cause i read the disaster artist book and it said that he only had two cds in his car, Van Halen and Richard Marx (it seems we have similar taste in music). So i wanted to send him some Canadian music cause i'm his Canadian fan.

What are some songs you like that are by Canadians/Canadian bands?
spiral, flight rising, dragon

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My best friend and I are getting his mom a new mixer for her kitchen for her birthday because she's been dealing with a piece of crap for the last 10 years or so. The problem is that neither of us know much about kitchen appliances. What I'm wondering is Kitchen Aide the actual gold standard in mixers or are there other options worth checking out? Espcially brands that have better price-tags?

DK;DC: What music have you been jamming to lately?