April 21st, 2017

  • kehlen

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Follow-up to kirstennnnnn's question.

How did you get to school growing up? (Bus, car, public transport, on foot, did your parents accompany you/meet you after classes.)

How is it different for your kids/younger children you know?


I am from Moscow, and starting from, I don't know, second half of first grade? I always walked by myself back and forth. My first school was in our yard, no roads to cross, my second, a non-busy street away, and my third and final, I had to cross three busy streets on the way. When I changed schools, my parents alwayd walked me there several times at first, chose the best route and explained the safety rigorously, and then I went on my own. (This was in 1988—1998.)

I don't know any school-age kids well enough, but I am pretty sure security measures are much tougher now. We never had so much as a school ID card, for example, and one is now required as far as I know, to "ring kids in", to know instantly who's missing.