April 20th, 2017


Were you ever forgotten by your parents or guardians?

Prompted by receiving a call from my niece's school saying that she is still there since none of her three adult guardians came to get her and couldn't be reached by phone.  I was put on the list in case of emergency, since my mother is older and my brother is...dysfunctional...but I live an hour and a half away.  Fortunately my sister-in-law answered my call and is on the way.  She really needs to put the school on her important contacts list and learn to call them back when she gets a message. 😒

I was forgotten once at basketball practice.  It took my parents a couple of hours to figure out I was missing.  I don't think anyone stayed with me either.  My whole family forgot my birthday one year, and all but one friend (this year too actually), but that's different than being responsible for a child's wellbeing.