March 15th, 2017


Dry Shampoo

I'm attempting to train my hair to not be washed daily (as had always been my routine), but on the second day, it looks oily to me, and it's definitely in need of a de-greasing product.

I've used dry shampoo but the smell (or the propellant?) or something about the ones I've used/tested make me feel nauseated for hours, up to vomiting :(. I've tried a couple random drugstore brands (Dove, Suave). I'm okay with spending more, but don't want to purchase something expensive without a good recommendation.

I've recently been using Bumble & Bumble's pret-a-powder, which isn't scented and doesn't make me ill, but also doesn't give me as much oomph as needed. I've tested corn starch (which always looks powdery) and corn starch + cocoa powder (which still looks powdery and also makes me feel like flies will flock to me)

Does anyone else have this issue with dry shampoo scents making them sick?
Any advice on brands to use that won't do this to me? What do you use?

DK/DC: What smells make you sick?