March 3rd, 2017

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how many hours do you sleep usually.
I know someone had asked that before but I'm just curious. I've been said that people in their 30's go to bed at ten... I'm never in bed before 1am and I'm up at 6, how come people my age is going to bed at ten!!??
DC/DK: funiest sounding word you've ever hear, patatus (Pah-Tah-Thus) it makes me smile every time; it means hissy fit
Cherry Blossoms
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Eye Bags

Okay, so I woke up yesterday morning with a huge, awful bag under my eye! Yes, my eye - only the left one.

I've never had this before, and I'm kind of horrified. I Googled, and it told me it's either that I'm old (I'm 33 with otherwise nice skin), or that it's stress and water retention.

I was actually in a tornado the day before I woke up with it. It was easily one of the worst experiences of my life, and I didn't think I was going to make it. It did definitely keep me up that night. Then the next morning.. eye bags. Plus I'm planning my wedding stuff, which has been a bit stressful.

Also, it's "that time" almost, so maybe that's an issue??

Anyway, my real question is... is this permanent? Will it go away? Wtf do I do? One side of my face looks like it aged thirty years. Help.

Buying a modest

I have no stereo in my apartment, just a radio and an iPod. And I have a lot of CDs I would like to hear. I don't have thousands of dollars to spend or months to memorize large amounts of audiophile info.

Is there a good, simple guide to buying a stereo?

should i write a letter to my ex?

i really wanna write my ex a letter apologizing for being such a fuck up but i also wanna mention how much she hurt me in it. i spent at least the last quarter of our relationship trying to tell her i was hurt by her and i didn't feel heard so i wanna just say some shit one last time just in case. but does she already know? i always gave her specific examples of things and she hated it and got mad at me and told me it wasn’t real or that i actually was the one treating her that way. it was really messy. should i just assume she either knows or will deny it forever? can i tell her that it’s real and i won’t be invalidated like that? i know when we were together she would excuse her behavior as “reactionary” a lot but wouldn’t ever initiate revisiting things she was reactionary about. i feel like it might be worth it to say something a month+ later. i guess what i want to do is work on expunging any expectations about her responding before i can deliver any kinda letter to her.
but is it worth it? do i have a right to tell her these things?

World Wildlife Day

I didn't realize it was World Wildlife Day until I saw a post in another group.  So, what interesting wild creatures have you seen lately?

Have you seen some amazing critter in your life?

Is there something that you really wish you could see if you could do so safely in its native environment?