March 2nd, 2017


Plan My Saturday

The local theater will be showing John Wick 2 and Logan at times that will allow me to see both at the "cheap" price. ($8 instead of $10)

I liked John Wick quite a bit, but probably won't watch it again. I liked most of the X-Men movies, but after The Wolverine, I decided I should avoid movies with "Wolverine" in the title. However, the trailer for Logan* actually looked kind of promising. Oh yeah, I'll also have about an hour and a half to kill in an area with nothing much to do.

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So, what should I do on Saturday?

See John Wick 2
See Logan
See both
Stay home

*Yeah, I know it doesn't actually have "Wolverine" in the title, but it's there in spirit.

Edit: Since Logan beat out John Wick 2 and Both, I'll just see that. Thanks!