February 28th, 2017

r lee ermey

Diagnose me Dr TQC

So today i got a sudden headache (not a migraine i suppose) then i began to feel more and more nauseous till i puked.
I dont have a fever.
Im drinking a clear carbonated beverage and am starting to feel better.
What can be wrong with me?

  • piperki

malevolent force in my apartment

Friends, I arrived home from work tonight to find that the power cord for my beloved Chromebook was damaged beyond repair. The little shiny metal pluggy thing appeared to have been sheared off, as seen here.

How could this have happened?

Other clues: two books that were on the coffee table when I left were on the floor when I came in. The power cord was in the same spot where I always keep it--on the floor sort of tucked under the sofa, though its important shiny bit was probably sticking out.