February 22nd, 2017

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Hello TQC,

did you ever use an oral rehydratation solution? If so, was it store-bought or did you prepare your own mix? Also, how do you know it's time to take loss of liquid that seriously?

(Question brought on by my recent bout of stomach flu. First time in over 15 years that I vomited, it was quite unpleasant.)

DK/DC: What colour is your bed linen right now?


Have you ever had a stalker?

Question brought to mind by the guy stalking my manager yesterday.  She recognized his presence, but due to nervousness or ignorance she was going to make some bad decisions by rushing to leave the store and lead him right to her car.  I quietly had her wait for him to exit before her, advised her to not let him know what she drove, and got her an escort who also made sure he drove away before she went to her car.  He did wait for a while for her to come out.  I forgot to tell them to get the tag number if they could on the sly, so I don't know if they thought of that themselves.

I was stalked once when I was a child.  A guy in a white pickup tried to have me let him give me a ride while I was walking home from the school bus.  I told him no, I didn't need one because I lived nearby.  He left but he kept coming back, driving around the circle where he last saw me.  I called my mom at work.  She blew it off at first, but as he kept circling and I called her back, I think she finally recognized the growing terror in my voice and said she was on her way.  I was so afraid that he would decide to try the long driveway off the circle that led to our house.  We were one of two people living off the circle at that time.  It was out in the woods, and I was alone, no more than about 10 years old.  Of course, my mom scared the bejesus out of me the next day as I was walking from the bus alone and she came out of the woods packing a rifle, where she had been waiting in case he wanted to come back.

baby bilo and baby biggles laughing :)
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Hey! I'm adding more songs to my playlist so I need suggestions.

I like music from Anderson Paak to Shaky Graves. Erykah Badu to Patsy Cline. I tend to lean towards r&b/soul but am open to most genres. I'm not at all interested in pop rock or pop groups manufactured by competition reality shows (I do LOVE pop music, though!).

What are ya'll listening to these days?