January 11th, 2017


TQC Old Timers

the other day, out of nowhere, I recalled an incident from a long time ago but can't remember how it started. The only part I recall was somebody made a post or comment which involved sharing a talk radio show they listen to and tqc members ended up taking over the call in. One member in particular recited the lyrics from Fresh Prince as if they were their own life story. Does anybody else recall the details of the event?

What is (are) your favorite(s) in/famous post(s) from the early days?

I want to ride my bicycle

I have a bike that I bought off someone. Seemed to work fine. But after a couple months it started becoming more difficult to pedal, even on level ground. So I figure it either A) maybe wasn't assembled correctly and/or B) needs a tune up. I want to take it somewhere but also don't want to spend nearly as much or more on the tune up as I did on the damn bike (I paid $75 for it and local shop charges $50-70). So TQC, what I'm asking is: would you suck it up and do the tune up or sell the bike and get an actual *new* bike?

DK/DC: When was the last time you had a headache? Inspired by my current one.