January 5th, 2017

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Music that brings back emotions, not just memories.

Not sure why, but I've been listening to a bunch of old tunes from my late teens/early 20's for the last few days, and the waves of emotions that I've been going through are huge. Each song has a specific past emotion attached to it, and listening to them all these years later, I can still feel those feelings, even if my life has changed big time. I find that absolutely bananas, and comforting.

Does this happen to you? Which songs affect you this way?

Here's a playlist for mine.

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I'm filling out an adoption application from a local animal rescue.  The reason I've chosen to adopt from an animal rescue is that they neuter/vaccinate/test for FeLV/FIV and the cost of the adoption is less than it would cost me to get all of that done on my own.  That and I want to help support the shelters in my area.  But should I really use tha as an answer for this question on the adoption application:  "Why do you want to rescue a cat?"?

Alternatively can you rename an older cat (say 8-12months old)?