January 2nd, 2017


I did try

I'll try to keep this short:
Back in early November, I ordered a book from B&N. The shipper screwed up, so a replacement was sent, then the original showed up. I was sent an electronic return label that didn't work, then eventually a physical label. After Xmas, I finally managed to send it back.

The whole annoying saga was finally over.

Except, I got an email that a few days ago, telling me they'd received the package and issued me a refund. The reply I sent to that address bounced and the one I sent to customer service pointing out that I wasn't due a refund just got a response saying, "Thank you for your concerns about your refund, we passed your opinion on to our design team." (I think that translates to "A bot plugged a keyword into a form letter.")

What would you do now?

Try to email customer service once more
Try a different method to contact them
Enjoy the $9 windfall
Spend the $9, but feel a little guilty
No idea, I'm just here for the ticky