December 27th, 2016

  • piperki

digitizing a ton of photo negatives

I've moved twice in the past two years and somewhere along the way I lost family photo albums with pictures from the last 30+ years. I would like to get some of these photos back. I had stored the negatives separately, so I still have those, but there are a lot of them, and obviously I don't need all of those images, just the good ones. Also I would like to digitize them instead of or in addition to printing them.

What's the most cost-effective way to go about this? It doesn't have to be the fastest way, just the cheapest. Should I:

a) Buy one of these slide+negative scanner things and thereby select and scan the images I do want, then file the jpgs and/or send some out for printing?

b) Send them out to a service like this one?

c) Some other great solution you will tell me about?


Deflocking trees

How do I remove flocking from a live tree?

I bought two 7inch tall Italian stone pines today thinking that they were just covered in some powder that could easily be brushed or washed off. But nope it's stuck on and trying to wash it off with water doesn't get rid of much and the poor tree loses needles.

I've tried looking up solutions but get nothing but advice on how to put flocking ON a tree. Nothing about taking it off.
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My Feet!

Anybody who works on their feet all day who uses a shoe insert to help with sore feet. What do you use? I know Dr. Scholls has a lot of specialized kinds but I can't bring myself to spend that kind of money (the ones I saw were like $40. In other brands I've seen gel ones, foam ones,ones that are for the whole foot ones that are just the heel and arch. Can you guys help me narrow down what style might work best? If it makes a difference, I work in dietary of a nursing home so all day on my feet and lots of walking

Ethics of gardening

To those who enjoy gardening, do you find it ethically questionable that many garden centers and local shops sell species considered invasive for your area? Do you make sure to only purchase native plants or has the thought never occurred to you? I have bought plants for various reasons without doing any research. I know better now but I just was wondering how many people on here have considered it.

DK/DC (though you should): Do you proudly wear bumper stickers or decals on your vehicle, and care to share a pic?