December 26th, 2016

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I'm really curious about Taylor Momsen's attempt at music. She seems like an angry trainwreck kind of person which is exactly what kind of musical philosophy I endorse. Can anyone recommend some good tracks by her?
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    Lulaby, The Cure

Pajama Day

At our house, the day after Christmas is Pajama Day- we stay home (our jobs allow for this), eat breakfast foods for all three meals, and wear our jammies whilst watching movie marathons.  Now wearing pajamas is done even in public, though, so let me ask:

1. Is it only pajama bottoms that are acceptable in public?  Or are those t-shirts part of a pajama set?

2. Are there parameters for wearing jammies in public?  I'm thinking especially of age, weight, bra size, size of the city/town you live in, what type of store you're heading to...