December 18th, 2016

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Our electric cooker has just failed. The four cooking rings on top have been unpredictable for a while, and now the oven has stopped working.

From the various stickers on the back, we're guessing it's about 10 years old. For some reason, I expected cookers to last longer than that. How long would you expect a cooker to last?

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Do you find you think of questions for this group while away from your computer and then when you visit this club you completely forget? :P

Real question, though: does your shower's hot water tap (for those who have a cold and hot water tap, not just a single tap) get really hot when you use your hot water? While showering or taking a bath, I find it can be quite painful to turn the tap off and I have to do it quickly. Now I have lived here so long I don't actually remember if that is just the way that it is...:P

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Multiple personalities in your dreams?

I was dreaming about being at some sort of hospital last night, but while wandering around, trying to figure out where my stuff was, I stumbled into a scene with a violent teenager and...became a little old lady berating him. It just seemed to fit the situation as it could either become a "coming of age/tough love" kinda movie that ends well...or a horror/splatter one in which the teenager kills everyone.
At this point it wasn't clear which it was going to be so I played along.

Does this ever happen to you in your dreams? That you're somebody else, like an actor in a real-life story trying to move with the flow of the situation unfolding around them? Or are you always yourself?
(To be clear, I didn't actually believe I was a little old lady, but to everyone around me I looked like it, so I acted like it too. For the sake of seeing how the story continued.)

Edit: Thank you for your replies, everyone. Hearing about what others dream about (literally) is very interesting!
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Sick Day(s)🤒

Do you regularly get colds during the winter?
Do you take over the counter medications when you are sick?
Do you have any food or drinks that you drink or eat only when you are feeling unwell?
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