December 16th, 2016

rose dawson


Hey TQC,

Any suggestions on how to not feel guilty about missing work? I missed 2 days of work last week for falling sick and another one last night for car troubles on my way to work. Now I just have this dread in my stomach and can't seem to shake it off. Adulting, fml.

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I work at a nursing facility and one of the residents had a jacket with a symbol/picture on his jacket. I asked what it was but he didn't know either haha

It consisted of a circle that was black inside with a dark red outline and a dark red vertical line down the center. On either side of the circle was a white almond shape with the lower part toward the center (like angry eye shape?). So, anybody know what it is?


Which of these hobbies would you take up if you had the time and money?Sailing (wind)Sailing (motor)FlyingRace car drivingBowlingGolfKnittingDrawingKnife fightingMixed martial artsstand up comedyBonsai gardeningGhost huntingParachutingother in comments