December 14th, 2016


How does that make you feel?


This is a common one, I think. Let's say you're in a relatively young relationship (less than 1 year). You're dining at a nice restaurant, not upscale though, and the server (waiter/waitress) is smiling at and flirting very subtly with your partner. Your partner smiles back and seems to enjoy the little moments of attention. How would you feel about this, if anything? If this behavior bothers you, what would you do?
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how much water do you drink on an average day?  how many times do you have to pee on an average day?

is there some secret to how I'm supposed to get 8 glasses a day, without having to sacrifice productivity for the interruption of constant pee-breaks?!?
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Question for TQC today,

My mother passed away earlier this year and I received some information pertaining to a claim she made. Well, let me rephrase, the information was sent to my father who was divorced from her so he sent me the vital information off it. I have to fill out a form to send back in, but it requires the last 4 digits of her social security number which I do not have.

Now, I live in Florida and my family all live in Ohio, so this is where it gets fun! What's a way that I can get that information? I tried asking family members but have come up short as no one seems to have the number.

Any and all suggestions considered!