December 11th, 2016


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Those of you who do Christmas gifts, how's that going this year? What's your approach? Do you ask for wishlists from the people you buy gifts for, or do you pick something for them without guidance? Do you enjoy it or find it stressful? Do you try to match the amount you spend on people? Like, if you have two siblings or two kids or you buy separate presents for each of two parents, do you try to spend exactly the same amount on each? Do you try to match what you think they'll spend on you?
Dear Santa

White Elephant gifts.

So I have some upcomming Christmas parties that I am going to. There will be a white elephant gift exchange. One is $10 or less and the other is $20 or less. They're supposed to be real gifts not gag ones. One is for church friends, the other is for work. I had a couple ideas, but they didnt pan out. Do you have any ideas for me?


DK/DC: Whats the best "gag gift" that you've seen at a white elephant party?