December 7th, 2016

  • laorion

Christmas present for kids teacher twins are 8 and in the same third grade class. They (we) always give a small present to their teacher...they seem to enjoy it and their teachers have (i think) always enjoyed it....this year i'm struggling with the whole gift idea thing....i have a couple thoughts, and i'd like to give a (kinda small) gift's what might go in it...
1. An's a chalkboard that can be personalized with a message, like "Mrs. so and so is the best teacher ever, love, (my kids)
2. $25 gift card to...Walmart? or Visa? I like this teacher, but I don't really know her on a personal level, so I don't know if she likes coffee, or whatever restaurant....something that could be spent anywhere?
3. Do teachers really want school supplies as a gift? I could buy tons of markers and glue and post its, etc.....I understand that a lot of teachers spend a lot of their own money on classroom supplies, so i can see how these things would be welcome, but I want to give her something she enjoys too....i would totally get her a gift card to a day spa or something so she could get a nice massage or whatever, but that would be a bit out of my budget
Also, we're gonna give the  principal a present too....probably an ornament similiar to the one previously's a small Catholic school, so religious/holiday type things are acceptable...
any ideas? any teachers out there that say ewwww, none of that, give us THIS....???
any suggestions would be appreciated!
nimura daisuke

(no subject)

What are some seemingly mundane, innocuous things/activities that are kind of depressing to you?

I'd say
-daytime television
- those terrible public restroom toilet paper dispensers where you have to dig your hand into in order to try to claw out the large rolls of paper. Wanting to wipe your ass shouldn't feel like a hopeless situation, you know.