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November 22nd, 2016

Its the end of the year and i know it... And i feel... Meh [Nov. 22nd, 2016|06:25 am]
The Question Club



So...the end of an EPIC 2016 will soon be upon us...time for introspection...how do you feel TQC?
Have you made any changes in the last 365? for better or worse?

i have lost about 15 pounds...but i still cant deadlift 2x my body weight...and i am saving money..

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Spencer Has a Movement [Nov. 22nd, 2016|08:43 am]
The Question Club


Like we didn't see this coming a mile away.

"Spencer has popularized the term “alt-right” to describe the movement he leads. Spencer has said his dream is “a new society, an ethno-state that would be a gathering point for all Europeans,” and has called for “peaceful ethnic cleansing.”"
Video Under HereCollapse )

The question is: Alt-Right, civil war mongers or peaceful cleansers?

Frankly...Collapse )

For those who need more information: A few more minutes indicating the Alt-Right appears to be declaring war.

ETA: A longer video of the clip above.
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Me and my friend were wondering [Nov. 22nd, 2016|09:47 am]
The Question Club



Should school teachers attempt to speak and write in accordance with "proper" grammar in general, only while working or not at all?

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Shipping Season [Nov. 22nd, 2016|11:13 am]
The Question Club


Has anyone ever dealt with a printing a return label from UPS?

I have an email with a link to it, but I wanted to know if will download something or just take me to a webpage. (I'll have to print it out at the library on one of their computers.)

What's the worst shipping service you've had to deal with?

My answerCollapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 22nd, 2016|04:37 pm]
The Question Club


If you had to literally act out the last figurative statement you made, how would it go?
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