November 15th, 2016


Gobble Gobble

Today at work they gave out Thanksgiving turkeys.
I am a contractor and not a direct i dont think i am eligible for one.
But i still feel short changed.
How do i get over this percieved sense of loss?


I am looking for a new job after deciding that I want to move on from my current one. I work at the front desk of a college office, though I am being trained on a few administrative tasks. It is my first job after graduating from university, and I have worked there a little over a year. I would like to transition to a job possibly at a non-profit, working more closely with communities rather than doing clerical work.

What job searching advice do you have for someone who is currently employed? (i.e. If/when I should tell my supervisors I am looking for new work? Who should I ask for a reference, if not my current employer? Etc.)

(Note: I am getting help from an academic advisor through the alumni association at my university. I am simply asking for personal advice that you may have from experience.)

(no subject)

Who's planning on joining its_a_tqc_xmas this year? Have you ever joined it before? What's been a memorable gift you've received from this gift exchange?

DK/DC: Do you exchange Christmas presents with your coworkers? What'd you get from your coworkers last year?

I got a bottle of wine and I handed out boxes of chocolate.

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I don't understand why, but on Youtube, I've noticed that people post videos on "What is my nighttime routine." Usually this is skincare themed, but can deviate from skincare. And it's not just makeup gurus, either. It's various (mostly) female vloggers

But the part that I find even more odd is that these videos all start the same way, like "Hey you guys! This was one of my MOST requested videos" or "Soooo many of you asked me to show you my nighttime routine and I'm so glad to finally show you all!" Really? People are really dying to know this?

What's YOUR nighttime routine? We're all dying to know.