November 10th, 2016

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If you had friends or relatives who are in the midst of battling a bed bug infestation, would you be comfortable with letting them hang out/visit for 6 hours or more? 


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What do you think about everyone who is saying those with dual citizenship or the opportunity to leave the country are cowardly? Do you think they have a right to leave if they are able to and really want to or do you think everyone should stay and fight?

On that note, I'm losing my shit over the results. As some of you know, I'm supposed to move to D.C. in a few months away from my community, my partner, and my friends. People are telling me now is the perfect time to go (I'll be working in the Executive Branch on environmental issues), but I can't mentally fathom it right now. Do you think I could legitimately make a difference there or would I even be more helpful staying in my city helping out there locally with social and environmental justice issues? The only thing keeping my sanity together is my partner right now honestly and I'm so wracked with grief over this election that I can't think straight.

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Popular Vote?

Do you feel we have true democracy with the Electoral College?

Should we abolish the Electoral College?

And while we're at it:

Do you feel we should demand that States be given the Right To Recall their state's elected officials if they so choose?

Do you feel we should demand that Congress STOP giving themselves automatic raises every year?
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colorado driving

thinking about taking a spontaneous trip to colorado with my family. my mom is super paranoid about driving on the mountains in the winter.

we're thinking steamboat springs. does anyone have any experience with the drive there? is it difficult or scary in the winter? anyone living nearby, what's the weather/snow situation currently? (driving from wisconsin, looks like mapquest would have us entering colorado from the north).
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I have never been good with losses, and right now, even if i can't explain myself yet, lost someone very important to me.
how do you deal with it?
I just don't want to cry anymore, what am I supposed to do?