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November 6th, 2016

Job Change [Nov. 6th, 2016|01:25 am]
The Question Club



I'm moving from a job as a short-term contractor on a government grant to my first full-time salaried position (just signed the final offer letter!). What I will be doing in my new job is within my abilities (perhaps even uses them better!) but will be very different from what I was doing the past several months. I've held lots of jobs before but I'm a little nervous about the adjustment since this is my first hopefully long-term position in the career I want to pursue.

Have you ever had a job change where your focus and responsibilities were really different between two jobs? How did you handle the change?

Do you have any solid pieces of advice for someone entering their first job and trying to establish themselves in a new career? It could be anything from office politics to coworkers, to what not to do.

DK/DC/Never had a major job change: My contract ended last week so I have the next week to basically enjoy a staycation. My kid will be at daycare and my husband still has to work. If you had a week in your place of residence to do what you wanted on your own before going into the official workforce, what would you do? Editing to say that this is similar to a question down below, so alternatively if you want, what's your go-to comfort food when you have a bad day?

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Joy Division [Nov. 6th, 2016|07:40 pm]
The Question Club



When was the last time you experienced joy?

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