November 1st, 2016

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workplace charitable giving

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Does your workplace do some kind of organized charitable giving campaign?

Yes, yearly
Yes, occasionally
I am not working/self-employed

Do you contribute to workplace charitable efforts?


How do you feel about organized workplace giving (like US companies' employee United Way, for example)?
nimura daisuke

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What is a word someone could use talking about a piece of art at a gallery that would make them sound pretentious no matter what? Like a word a person who hates "art people" could hear and would be like "oh, you're one of those people"

I think juxtapose is an art-y word.

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Do you have a calendar? What does it look like?

I have several. I have a day planner, I have a county calendar that tells me what days I get paid and is super boring, and I have a calendar that was made by the San Francisco Public Defender and is sort of a comic book of legal justice.

"Not a stalker.."

So I've just been put in a bit of a strange situation.. I live in a shared house with 3 other students.  About a month ago one of them had a couple of guy friends, Bob and Johnny round for a few drinks. I have never met either of them before, but am told that Bob used to live in my room last year.  I chat to them briefly out of politeness, thinking nothing of it.  Flash forward to last week when on my way to the gym i bump into Johnny, who asks for my number, and says very confidently that he'll call me that weekend.  He doesn't and I consider it a case of him forgetting, whatever.  However, today I receive a message from Bob saying he's "not a stalker" but that he got my number from Johnny, and would I be up for going to a houseparty at Johnny's in three weeks time? I feel uncomfortable and like my privacy has been invaded, not to mention a feeling that these guys are behaving rather oddly.

What, in your opinion is going on here?

DK/DC What did you dress up as for Halloween?

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1. Netflix isn't doing it for me anymore. I don't binge on tv or watch long series, and they've cut way back on the number of mainstream movies (old and new) that they add. What's a good streaming service for actual theatrical movies?

2. Do you suffer from angular cheilitis? I have occasional bouts.

3. Do you like LJ's new like button?