October 29th, 2016

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So my kids and I have been out of state for a couple months. Just got home tonight and there's a pink bike in my front yard. No idea how long it's been here. The tires are flat, but don't look cut (we got here at 1 am though, i'll look closer in the daylight)...it has tassles on the handlebars, but they're missing on one side...it's a barbie bike...other than the tires and missing tassles, it looks fine....so, was it stolen? Should i bring it to the police station? (One of my kids suggested that, so we probably will, cuz, i try to teach them to do the right thing and all, and who knows, maybe someone reported it? if my bike got stolen when i was a kid, that wouldn't have happened, especially where we live, but who knows?)
Maybe this bike sat in someones garage for years and then teenagers decided to screw around with it and then tossed it, and it just happened to be in my yard? I don't want to bother the cops with stupid shit, but then again, maybe some little girls bike got stolen and she would be happy to have it back?
I live in a courtyard, and unless someone new moved in during the time we were gone, i'm pretty sure there's no age appropriate girls that would match up with this bike, so i don't think a neighbor kid just left it there....plus, flat tires....this bike could have been dropped in my yard any time from today to two months ago...
so, bring it to the cops or....what else?
I don't feel right putting it in the trash....and if i give it to the cops, well, even if no one claims it they could probably donate it...but then again, this is the south side of Chicago....i don't think missing bikes are their main concern, ya know? and then there's that whole thing about my kids wanting to do the right thing....
I stood it up but left it in my front yard....maybe the owner will find it? (and then think we took it and break out my windows? probably not)....what the hell do i do with this bike??   (the police station is two blocks away, so we probably will turn it in, but what would you do?)