October 26th, 2016



Please note this poll does not reference to punctuality for people coming to your house to pick you up in a scenario where they sit outside your house in a car and then drive off to some planned event. I'm talking about play dates and other meetings planned in your house.

Poll #2056407 Being Early vs Being Late

Which would you prefer if you had someone planned to show up at your house?

They show up 10-15 minutes early.
They show up 10-15 minutes late.

I'm curious what the community's feelings are about punctuality.

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I'm wondering if I'm the only child who never asked questions like Where do babies come from? and Where did I come from?. I think I somehow knew that babies came out of women and it never occurred to me to ask anything more about the matter.

Did you ask your parent(s) these kinds of questions? If you did, how old were you?

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So my brother in law and I are forming a music duo (singing, guitars, that kind of thing). We've played in bands together in the past but this is the first time it will be just us without my twin sister in the mix (she's about to pop out their second child).

We'll be playing covers from past and present and we both sing and play guitar.

What should we call ourselves?