October 25th, 2016

green twain

Black Friday

is there anything you are going brave the  crowds for on black friday this year???

dk dc ...im not in the bloody US ...anything special you desire for Christmas/Haunakka/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice???


(no subject)

Do you wear (prescription) glasses? If you do, do you just have one pair, or do you have a number of different styles to go with different outfits?
If you use other aids which help with a disability or similar (hearing aids, walking stick, wheelchair, wrist braces, etc), are they decorative and stylish, or just utilitarian?

DK/DC; I'm going to be spending 13 hours on a plane each way next week/the week after, so I need some reading recommendations. I like classic crime, historical fiction, literary fiction, not so keen on gore or romance, and for travelling something not too heavy, which I can get on kindle would be ideal, and I prefer female authors. What should I get?