October 16th, 2016

Hand - ☞


What is something usually closed Sunday that you think should be OPEN?
I think it's absurd that USPS, dry cleaners, and banks aren't.
The library's crummy weekend hours are another suck.
Anything with the same hours as 8 am - 5pm workers is being goofy at this point.

Let's expand that to anything that has limited hours or days of operation; what is a convenience you'd welcome more of?
I always daydreamed about a late-night comic book store as a kid.
And an all night Laundromat (city folks) that wasn't sketchy as heck would rock.

What is something that expanded business days/hrs & you're like, "Srsly?"
*unless you do require 24 hr Subway or McD's

Something that did expand hours and you were like, "Whoo-Hoo!"
For me that was a nearby 24 hour grocery and I suppose a decent coffee shop helps.
But the all night drug stores are far away, albeit one nearby is open fairly late.
The library expanded hours on certain days, but I'd welcome even more.

Anything shorten hours? Opinion on that?
Many businesses seem to have streamlined their hours, I've noticed. Less of the M-W 1o-6 pm, Th-F 9-8 pm sort of thing and more M-Fr 9-7 pm; makes it easier to remember, though sometimes it shortens things.


Caveat: mention wether you're suburban (etc), if relevant. I also realize that I function with less modern conveniences than many (if that's a factor as well).