October 7th, 2016


Adulting: Hanging framed items

So I suddenly realized that I don't know the principal of hanging framed pictures, and I have framed things to hang. I know how to make them stay up on the wall. I don't know the right height.

Is it something like finding the vertical center point of each frame and getting those to all be at the same height over the floor? Since I have frames of different sizes, I -think- that makes more sense than lining up the bottoms or lining up the tops, but I don't know how the adult world does this thing.


(no subject)

Can you tell me a story that has happened to you that would seem unbelievable?

One time while playing a game I rolled five dice and they all came up as ones. During the same game I went to draw a card from a pile of 180 cards and said 'wouldn't it be funny if I got ____ card?' and when I picked up the card it was the one I had guessed.

I know that's not extremely weird but I would love to hear your stories!

No story to share?: What was the last delicious thing you ate or drank?