October 4th, 2016


(no subject)

So, Hurricane Matthew is coming.

I live on a first floor apartment, right next to a lake. There seemed to be no plans to board up the windows. My neighbor tells me that the windows are hurricane-proof. However, these are some pretty cheap apartments and I really, truly doubt that.

So I emailed someone in the complex office asking what the deal is. The email I got back said:

"You can put plywood on your windows if you would like although I would recommend speaking with your landlord first since you are responsible for any damage done while installing or removing the plywood.

If there are any windows damaged during the storm, we have a contractor on standby who will come to the property to put plywood over broken windows."

So, if there are any hurricane-experienced TQC-ers here.... help me understand... does this mean that, basically, there's an on-call guy in my building who will treck through to our apartments, exposed to the elements, to board up the windows *after* something happens? Isn't the whole idea to prevent a broken window from happening in the first place? What about the wind pressure pushing out the walls?

It it me, or is this a really blase answer? Is this normal in an apartment complex?