September 25th, 2016

  • spyinak

Correlation study

Thank you everyone! He now has the answers needed to complete his assignment.

My son is doing a correlation study for school and needs 50 people to answer two questions (see below) Since one of the questions is about religion I didn't feel all the comfortable with him asking random strangers on the street- so we are asking random strangers on-line instead. :-)

Are you left or right handed?

Do you consider yourself to be religious?

Thanks for your help.
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Why are Hotmail and LJ not on speaking terms *this* time?

I just discovered that the past day's responses to my LJ comments have failed to make it into my inbox--besides Hotmail having updated its TOS on the 15th, does anyone know what the expletive deleted is going on?


(Since I've never known butterflies to be used as human food, Microsoft's old mascot will be represented by butterfly shrimp):
あ - Franken Fran

Barnacles Be Gone

I have a tiny patch of eczema on my leg, about the size of a pencil eraser. It's been there for years and it bugs me (doesn't itch) -- I'm sick of looking at it. I have no idea why that single patch of skin objects to my hygiene routine versus any other part of my body. I'm not great at moisturizing, I'll do it for a little while then slack off, but I never see much improvement anyway.

Do you have eczema? Ever gotten a little patch like this?
Did you cure it? How?

Any other odd "barnacles" that your body has developed?

Thanks, thequestionclub.