September 23rd, 2016

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What's the weirdest thing you ever heard on a funeral?
At the funeral of my long time friend's father a man stood in front of the crowd right after my friend -who until that moment thought was an only child- and said: "This man was a bad person; I came to him almost 30 years ago as a child asking him to be my father, he recongized he got my mom pregnant and still denied me his name.
He had me as a secret telling he won't ruin his family for me."
That's when a cousin of my friend dragged him out of the church.
What about you? Have you ever seen something worth of a soap opera? Something heartbreakingly sad? Something out of an Agatha Christie novel?

DK/DC: what movie usually considered bad you secretly like?


psychic reading

I had a psychic reading done this last week (for fun), and I just asked for a general reading. The guy said some pretty spot on things, given that I just gave him my name and asked for a general reading.

One thing that kinda spooked me is how around 7-8 years ago, someone I was romantically involved with left me for another woman, and now this person wants to "release the burden" off of his heart for what he did to me.

My question for you you, TQC, has this ever happened to anyone? Where an ex lover or someone who hurt turned up 7-8 years later to tell you sorry, or how they feel? It seems so odd to me, because so much time has passed.