August 30th, 2016

the fuck?

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I work, well volunteer,at the information desk at a hospital. Occasionally, I get chatty people, usually patients but a fellow volunteer I'm friendly with is also sometimes guilty of this, ask me personal questions.

Nothing outlandish,the most common was is "do you have a boyfriend/why not?" The coworker has gone so far as to say "oh, I need to set you up with a good Italian boy! (jokingly, mind you) She also has asked me what I'm doing over the weekend, which is fine but her follow up comment/question of "why not? You're young you should be out socializing"

In the cases I've encounter I never get a creeper vibe from them but just people that are friendly and trying to be chatty but I feel awkward when asked these questions and especially the follow up questions. Like I have to defend not wanting to go out and socialize just because I'm young, or why I'm not seeing anybody.

1. Why do people,especially the patients who I have no relation with think these are appropriate questions to ask somebody? Is this common for others in customer service/relation type positions? Feel free to vent and share stories

2. What is a good response that isn't rude or off putting but will hopefully stop the particular conversation in its tracks? If it were random strangers outside of a professional environment I'd feel free to be more rude/blunt or creepy in my answers but obviously that isn't appropriate in an environment where I am representing the company