August 29th, 2016

Survey for Class

Hello, TQC!

I am doing a survey for my Statistics class since we're talking about quantitative and qualitative data. I would love to include your responses as part of my data if you're willing to participate! If you would like to PM me your response feel free.

Question 1:

What is your job title/profession?

Question 2:

What is your income?

Thank you in advance!
Eight Regenerating
  • eowyn


I live above a Sushi restaurant that is open 9.30am - 4.30pm.

In the past week, the owner has been downstairs making a hell of a lot of noise after hours. She's down there now, and it's 10.30pm. There's a lot of banging going on - it sounds like she's just dragging furniture around, randomly banging things, and dragging a pitchfork against the walls and ceiling. I am certain she is not redecorating or moving furniture around (it's a tiny place) and she is on her own down there.

Tell me TQC, what the actual fuck is she doing?

Edit 10.36pm: Okay, now it sounds like she is throwing things around.

And then dragging them to put them away, and then throwing them again.