August 19th, 2016


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I am pulling an all-nighter to finish work, but the good news is that I can be done and go to bed by noon if I manage it. I am currently motivating myself to kickstart efficiency by promising myself that if I buckle down now, at 6am I can go buy something delicious for breakfast. What should I get? (or, you know, what would you get?)

Feel free to answer this question any time, even if it's well past breakfast. This scenario will probably happen again.

(no subject)

A while back I worked at a store where I was shifted around to different positions depending on where I was needed the most at the time. Probably my two main jobs were up in the offices as a purchasing assistant, and down in the store as a sales clerk/cashier. Skip to now—I'm applying for a job as a writing tutor at a college. I think I've heard that, if you've worked multiple positions at one place, you should only list the most applicable position on your resume.

So which would be more applicable in this case? The purchasing job probably carried more responsibilities, but as a salesgirl I worked directly with customers, which might mean more for a tutor job where I'm mostly helping people. Or should I just put both?

idk maybe I'm overthinking this, it's been so long since I've had to put together a resume. Do you have any general resume or cover letter tips to share? It'd be greatly appreciated.