August 8th, 2016


help me make the switch?

I have been a loyal Windows Phone user since I got my first smartphone in 2011. I really love the UI and how easy it is to use. However, with increasing apps being developed that pique my curiosity and also stimulate my learning brain (like citizen science apps, for example), I am feeling more left out than ever due to Microsoft's indefinite padlock on third party apps. I'm wondering if anyone can offer any suggestions on an Android phone that:

1) Has a decent camera.
2) Is highly customizable.
3) Isn't too big or bulky (to be able to fit in a pocket)
4) Doesn't cost an arm/leg.

I have AT&T. My first choice would be to find a used device on eBay. Share a pic of your home screen? :D
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Travel Advice: What was your Airbnb experience?

(I guess this is also a Baltimore question).

Have you ever tried Airbnb? What was your experience? I will be traveling to Baltimore (around the Inner Harbor area) by myself for a few days to hang out with friends. This will be my first time visiting the city and I was wondering if anyone had any advice or site recommendations. I'll be out from early morning till late into the night while I'm there, so what are the best ways to travel and any safety tips would be appreciated :)

Dk/DC: Have you ever struggled to get back into your hobby? What did you do? I've been depressed for a long time now and art just isn't enjoyable anymore :/
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Kitty paternity

A friend of mine had gotten two kittens. Turns out the female one was preggers. Friend kind of made raised-eyebrow issue of the fact the two kittens were brother/sister implying brother impregnated sister. If the brother and sister are both calico cats, does it mean it wasn't the brother that impregnated the sister if among the ensuing kittens were a tuxedo kitten or even a striped gray/silver kitten?
Also, I seem to remember male cats tend to take on the markings of the it's mother's more so than the female ones do. True or no?