August 6th, 2016

If you had five wishes, what would they be?

One of these days you happen to be walking along your merry way, and you find yourself a cool-looking basket.

Being the sort of person that takes random baskets home with you, you pick it up and carry it back to your house.

When you arrive, you find - shock, horror! - a genie inside. This isn't like your regular stingy genie. This one's offering you five wishes, rather than the requisite three.

The genie cannot kill anyone.

The genie cannot bring someone back from the dead.

The genie will not allow you to wish for more wishes, nor will it reveal the location of other genies, nor similar.

With all of this in mind, what do you wish for?
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Hello ... friend or comrade?

I occasionally get random Russians (or at least Cyrillic-writers) friending me on LJ. Most of the time none of their posts are in English and I can't quite figure out why they add me. Is there some benefit to having a bunch of random friends on LJ I'm not aware of? Do you get seemingly random people friending you without explaination or apparent reason?
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How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

Do you own Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon?

Yes, in multiple formats
Never heard of it

Does anyone you know own a copy?

Yes, several people
Yes, most people I know own it
Probably. I've never asked
I doubt it
I've still never heard of it, but I like taking polls

Have you ever tried to sync it up to Wizard of Oz?

No, but I've thought about trying it
It's clearly coincidence, so why bother?
WTF are you talking about?

Do you think another album will ever break its record?(741 consecutive weeks on the Billboard top 100 album chart)

Not a chance
Unlikely, but you never know

See you on the dark side of the Ticky?

Ticky doesn't have a dark side!
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I don't necessarily want validation. I am genuinely just looking for the opinions of people who aren't in the situation whether they're in my favor or not.

Relevant info: My sister has three kids and two of them live with us (my parents, my sister, her boyfriend, two of her sons, and me) but the third comes over on the weekends. The youngest is just a year old and the oldest is 11. I babysit the one year old every single day and sometimes twice a day which is usually something that happens without any warning for me. Sometimes it's just assumed that I'll watch the kids on the weekend and I'm not actually asked. I also don't get anything in return for these countless hours of childcare(over the last year). I feel half taken for granted and half guilty for feeling like spending time with my nephew isn't enough "payment" or appreciation.

Maybe relevant info: She lives rent-free, doesn't work, I do most of the house cleaning, she did have a stroke 3 years ago but has completely recovered, her boyfriend gets driven to and from work by my dad for free, she's in her 30s and her boyfriend is in his 40s.

So my questions are should getting to spend time with my nephew(s) be payment enough? Should regular child-care be free just because it's a relative? Do I just need to suck it up because I'm family and family should help each other out however they can? Any advice on not feeling taken advantage of?

Anything stressful going on in your family that you want to vent about?

EDIT: For more info about myself, I have a chronic illness that has set me back quite a bit so I've been living with my parents for awhile. I work and go to school from home (or take one class on campus during the fall). I don't pay rent because most of my money goes to my medical debt. The minimum I babysit is an hour but it's usually about 3 hours a day, sometimes more.

And thanks for everyone's input it's been really interesting and helpful (even if I'm not at all a confrontational person and will find it very hard to actually say anything to my sister).