July 31st, 2016

james (cig)

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What are your thoughts on going to a concert by yourself? Have you ever done it? Would you ever do it?

I'm going to two concerts by myself next month and I'm slightly nervous because I've never gone to a concert alone but I intend to just drink and take lots of pictures/videos.


(no subject)

have you ever been in a situation where coworkers ask you how much you spent on something, like your lunch?

I brought a Whole Foods box to work. Yesterday I came down with a cold, and went to Whole Foods to get chicken soup. I decided that, while I am at it, I'll just grab some other pre made food so I can lay around and not cook/clean. I had a box to bring for lunch and had that, and my coworker acted shocked and said "wow, how much WAS that??!!"

This isn't the first job I've noticed that. Once I picked up sushi from Publix, and someone in the break room asked me what it cost. I just said "oh, like $7?" And she goes "No it wasn't. It was $12." I didn't realize she could see the label with the price.

What's an appropriate response to people who do this?