July 28th, 2016


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For any vegetarians/vegans out there, what's the main way you get most of your protein? I'm a "flexitarian", so I try to eat as little meat as possible with the occasional fish or chicken. A personal trainer I've been seeing has told me I need to cut back on beans and tofu because they're not "that healthy", and I need to eat more "animal protein" (at least 2 times a day), which I don't really like. I can't even imagine how he feels about vegans. So what would you say to him and what do you eat to feel like you're staying fit with enough protein?

I'm doing a charity bike ride this weekend for the disease my mom passed away of. You can bike 65 miles, 25 miles, 10 miles, 45 miles. It can be a race or simply a fun ride. How much do you think you would try to bike and would you race or just ride? My boyfriend wants to race, but I want to try to casually do 25 miles. Do you think he should stick with me in support my mom even though I'm much slower than he is, or should he go ahead and satisfy his competitive nature?