July 22nd, 2016


a little privacy plz?!

You're using the bathroom, either in a stall of a public place or in someone's home. Someone wrenches the doorknob and then knocks loudly, though the failure to access the stall/bathroom should be an indicator that the bathroom is currently unavailable. How do you respond?

"Someone's in here!"
"Give me a minute!"
"I'm trying to take a dump GTFO"
You say nothing, hoping they will realize someone is using the bathroom.
You make loud fake fart sounds.
Other in comments.

(no subject)

Gossip has it one of the girls who works in the same mall I do, had sex with six guys last night. She was apparently mad at her ex who dumped her for a girl she thought was a huge slut. She told the guys she wanted to prove she could be as big a slut as his new girlfriend.

What is the largest number of people you've heard of someone having sex with at one time?

This is the most I've heard of other than in a porn situation.

Bidet logistics

So here in America, we don't have bidets, so I have never encountered one. If I someday do, I need to know how to proceed. If I am understanding this correctly, it shoots water at your butt. Then what? Do you just sit there with a dripping wet butt until it all evaporates?