July 21st, 2016

r lee ermey


So i have been forced to upgrade to WIN 10...and as predicted i cant understand the friggen interface and cant find my photos and movies.
"Cortana"is no help.
So TQC...where is my stuff??

Corollary:why cant Microsoft leave whats working well ALONE?



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Poll #2050182 Dealing with people and bananas.

My dad, in his increasingly old age, is become more Islamophobic, sending me offensive cartoons about how all Muslims are violent, hate women, and want to kill gay people. You know, Trump rhetoric. How should I respond?

Engage in intelligent discussion to try to correct his ways
Ignore. It's too late.
Just call him racist every time
Idc. Let him be racist.

The director of our department is leaving for another position soon and there is a happy hour going away get together this afternoon. I don't know him very well, and my co-worker friends won't be there. Should I go anyway?

Yes! Schmooze, make connections, be extroverted
Yes! It's at a bar, so of course. Anything for drinks.
Sure, but just for a bit and hide in a corner and make awkward small talk
No, you don't know anyone. Way too awkward.

How do you feel about bananas?

Love them in whatever stage they're in
I only eat them when they're still a little green
I only eat them when they're perfectly yellow
I only eat them when they have some brown spots
I like them SO RIPE
I only like them on/in something (bread, cereal, smoothie, etc)
I hate them.
a few fave things

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I updated my iphone. There's a reason I avoid doing this. Because I hate how they change and add things to my phone.

Now my text tone is connected to my volume instead of the ringer sound. So when I lower the sound for a game or a video, I end up missing texts, because the volume is down. It's really annoying that I have to remember to turn the sound back up when I'm done.

Is there anyway to connect text tones back to the ringer and NOT the volume?

anyone else have this problem, or know what I'm talking about?

Next question. This actually goes with an old post about getting tired of eating finding it to be such a chore.

My stomach has been waking me up and keeping me up at night. It refuses to go to sleep unless I eat something. I don't want to eat in the middle of the night, I just want to sleep. I didn't use to have this problem.

I wish there was some pill to shut my stomach up at night. My friend had taken a pill that suppress your hunger but she told me you can only take it in the morning it speeds up your heart rate you can not sleep on that.

Is there something to do get my stomach to shut up at night?

Some times I've just drank juice, or a healthy smoothie, I had instant breakfast drinks......

Anyone else have this problem? how did you solve it?