July 15th, 2016


let's talk tattoos

Do you have tattoos? If yes, what of? (Pics welcome.)

If you don't have tattoos (or hell, even if you do) which ones would you like to get?

Any tips for someone thinking of getting a tattoo?

(Heck, feel free to share pics of cool tattoos even if they aren't yours.)


Imagine you're old and have a good bit of money so you decide to make a will. It's no fortune but it's substancial enough for each family member to pay off a mortgage or student loan etc. In your family you have:

Your children (between 50-60 y/o)
Grandchildren (between 20-30 y/o)
Great-grandchildren (between 1-10 y/o)

Lets assume you're on good terms and they're all doing fairly well (middle class). You trust them to not waste the money.

How do you divide the inheritance? Do you:

Divide it only between your kids?
Divide it between the kids and grandkids?
Divide it evenly between everyone and put the great-grandkids money into a college/savings account?
Not bother with the kids because they're already almost retired and have paid off their mortgages and give it to grandkids and/or great-grandkids?
Divide it by how much you feel each family member needs the money?
Something else?

DKDC: Do you have a will?
DKDC2: If you got a substancial amount of money from an inheritance, what would you do with it?